Our extensive experience in design, construction and project management enable us.

  • 01
    Reaches agreement to make the preliminary understanding and the communication the customer to the scene.
  • 02
    Draft the preliminary plane design proposal and the quoted price.
  • 03
    With customer discussion and confirmation design proposal and quoted price.
  • 04
    The customer pays the deposit which agreed.
  • 05
    Discuss the project detail with the customer, the material and the plan detail.
  • 06
    Launch the project.
    (defers to the flow generally: Dismantles completely, water and electricity, spate, wooden article, paint, other, furniture ).
  • 07
    Scene constructions.
  • 08
    The specialist scene inspector general project carries on.
  • 09
    The customer pays the intermediate stage deposit which agreed.
  • 10
    Before finish, this company the specialist to inspect all projects in advance whether to gather attaches the standard.
  • 11
    And carry on with the customer in the field inspection hands over.
  • 12
    Hand over to when the customer pays the project mantissa.
    (Warranty period subscribes clearly according to contract in)